I Am That I Am

The all knowing and the seed still growing. A razor for a mouth spews “FUCK YOU and that God you pray to” if you care being the fool who begs us to worship like you.The seer who feels her deceivers from lands away and is still wise enough to morph them into flowers—they are harmless.

La hija de mi Orisha, drown you in agua florida might let you come

up for a glimpse of air. Taste despair because a bitch done declared her divine rights. I’m coming to reclaim which already been mine. I have a dream that my dreams won’t stay dreams. The coffee and cream of my body will no longer be rivals. I don’t need to be your idol. I don’t need none of that kumbaya shit unless you truly mean it. My dreams were once boxed in by bitterness. My dreams were once boxed in by fear of my own fists. I cannot resist this cat-call of fake justice.Don’t you know you are chanting Black Magic when you scream “I CAN’T BREATHE”? This programming to keep us at war runs deep just like the roots of those trees where it became hard to see. I wonder when they prayed their last words did they weep on the leaves?

Silly of me to say they knew exactly what they were doing.

Oh, so do we.

I am made of the very same spices I am so deathly afraid of. The same flavors I shove down my throat for home for warmth for soul. We need solace but not like this. I will always be explicit:In my poetry. In my plea with the Earth to remain

Her daughter.



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