Amanda Ashley Villanueva
2 min readMar 18, 2022


Frazzled and doll-eyed
Perhaps with heart fried
Asks if we are ready
Asks if we can keep hands steady
While rising in love

Jollof for the Soul

Calls to hear heartbeat
Feeds to hear throat moan
Symphony of first name
Today, soul remains
Half tired
Half tainted

Painting escape
Won’t remember us when sun creeps up
Painting escape

From mouth to ear mostly sincere

God watch over us

Memorize Melano in Milan
With mouthfuls of
Jollof for the Soul

Fresh fruit tastes half strange

Physically resentful
Typically gentle

Linguine lenguas
Stretched to perfection

Lyrically loud
Cynically observant

Servant to truth
By every means necessary

Notice me
Making sure your bowl never go empty

Notice me
Making sure joy live here

Notice me
Noticing you

For the Soul

For the island girl
Who lost her soul

And found it
In a bowl of jollof

Found urge
To take clothes off

Found faith
Found no need to be afraid
Found no need to be sleeping in corner
Found forever
Found slow
Found hidden playlist
Found common sense

Notice you taking it easy
Notice you asking for patience

For grace

Strength to hold my face
Steady while rising in love

God watch over us

For the island girl who found love
For the island girl who won’t wake up

Tomorrow found me with bowl of

Jollof for the Soul

Made to remedy

Notice me
Making sure your bowl never go empty

Notice me
Searching for the island girl

Inside secret recipe
Inside soft pearl

Notice you
Finding center

Notice me
Wanting peace

Jollof for the Soul

Reminds you to call home
Reminds me to notice you

Brave and unbelievable

Stretched to perfection hood elegance
Stroke a sentence across my cheekbones

Jollof for the Soul