One half flan.
One half biscocho chocolate (con un chin de café)
Always burning your tongue
Always hotter than expected
Always creamier than perfected
Always waiting for you

With the sweetest sensual scents of a Puerto Rican bakery
This Aries tastes like the darkest cherry on top of a piña colada
Melted into mango butter on a turquoise beach
Feeding you peaches with African jazz whistling white noise
Toys wrapped in a nutmeg hazelnut hammock
Above a graham cracker of raspberry rosemary cheesecake
Toes deep in snickerdoodle sand.

Papi, please pass me a fan, and then take a pause because
A foster of banana pumpkin pie drowned in dulce de tres leche
Rests in my temple trunk, rests waiting

Just for us.



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