You Are Kin But I Will Kill You

Amanda Ashley Villanueva
1 min readMay 11, 2021


I finally look this mother fucker in the eye
For the very first time in weeks
Only to explicitly see this explosive rage was never even about him

His suicide threats and my “I wish a bitch would”’s were just a tragic song
And dance to a louder cry for help.

It’d be easier to say he is to blame, that only he caused this, but we both know that’s foolish. Because I have been born to a bloodline of men who lie about what they will provide and who’s pussy they been inside—

You are kin but I will kill you.

I have learned many lessons the hard way.
Ignore a red flag when it is small and watch it erupt into volcanos
Melting away at your soul
There is no room for me inside a man who helped create two children
But still secretly hates women.

For this, I thank God they’re both boys.